Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Prayers for Isaiah during Heart Surgery

Please be praying for us really hard today. My cousin Isaiah, who is only 8mo old is having heart surgery. It's a small surgery, but they're opening up the chest, which makes it more of a process...My Aunt and I (it's her son), and my mom, believe that God ordains all things and that He works them out for good, so we're trusting Him through this, but grandma (who is a worrier by nature) is VERY worried about this whole thing. Calling it things like "terrible" and such. I'm not sure she's going to be helpful at the hospital, I'm afraid she might be the one who needs the comforting. She's not a Christian. Please pray that everything will go well!

At 2:00pm (Wisconsin Time) I will be praying for my cousin, who will be 1/2 hour into surgery. Please pray with me at that time as we lift him in prayer. Thanks. I know God always answers prayers, even if it's not in the way we expect.

Natalya Klessig


Natalya said...

We're here now. I'm using the hospital computer. I will post updates every once and a while. We're updated every two minutes on what times everything is happening with a big sceen here, and it's very calming. Auntie seems to be one of the least nervous. Everything seems to be going well. He was aparently angry for a bit because he wasn't being fed, but then calmed down when uncle (his daddy) held him. They had to draw blood again, which he didn't like, but it was over quickly and he soon stopped crying. They took him into the surgery room at 1:10. It's 2:07 now, and he's still in there. Thank you all so much for praying with me at 2:00. We all did, and there's a woman here from Auntie's church who came to support them too. It's very encouraging. Grandma is staying calm, and it's a very calm envirnment with cool colors used in decoration, with some warm colors to brighten it up. It's all very calm. No one is crying, and it's all good.

IMEDIATE UPDATE: Isaiah JUST started the actual surgery. They were just doing pre stuff before. It's 2:08. Please continue to pray. Thank you so much!


Mikailah said...

I will continue to pray!!!