Thursday, December 29, 2011

Isaiah Is Home - Thank you for praying!

Dear friends,

Isaiah is going home today (in fact I think he is home by now) They moved him straight from the ICU to home. That's fantastic news. :) :) :) Poor little guy was so uncomfortable the doctors were really at a loss. His tummy was swelling and he was crying, would sleep for more then 15min, wouldn't eat, wouldn't smile, and was just plain unhappy and uncomfortable. Then a smart, thinking, level headed, absolutely brilliant doctor took a look at his medication and suggested that the morphine might be a little to strong for such a little bloke, so they took him off it. He started smiling, playing with toys, stopped crying, and even giggling almost immediately after his last dose wore off. He's just on Tylonal now, and so is doing a lot better. :) :) YAY. :) :) :) He's even eating. He's "talking" and making sounds and stuff, which is just like he use to be before the surgery. Auntie says he's eating better then he ever has, is gaining weight (Finally!) and is acting more like a normal baby. He's less whiny and unhappy all the time. (he use to always be displeased) and so everything is wonderful now! YAYAYAY!



Mikailah said...

Praise the Lord!! :)
Aw... poor little guy. :( I am glad the doctors figured it out. ;)


Natalya said...

We're all praising too. His food intake increased by 1200% when he got home. He hate 3 jars of baby food, nursed for 20 minutes, then started playing with his siblings, instead of being so wiped out he had to go sleep. Everything is happy now. :)